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What To Bring
This is home. Here is a list of some suggested things to bring to make the move more comfortable.
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How To Pay For Care
While paying for care can be costly, we believe our caregivers provide exceptional care that is worth it.
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Enhanced Nursing Care

Enhanced Nursing Care
Cherrywood Advanced Living© was granted a federal trademark for providing enhanced nursing care in our small house building. We have Licensed Practical Nurses in the building or on-call 24/7 to care for complex medical needs. Our Registered Nurse Case Managers coordinate care with our resident’s doctors and provides a personalized care plan to meet their needs.

  • One and Two Person Transferring
  • Diabetes Care and Support
  • Medication Management
  • Tracheostomy Care and Suctioning
  • Wound Care
  • Regular Assessments by RN
  • Case Management Services
  • Routine Lab Services
  • Phlebotomy Services (Blood Draws)
  • IV Services
  • Feeding Tube Care
  • Stroke Rehabilitation and Surgery Recovery
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • End of Life Care (in conjunction with Hospice Service Agency)

Registered Nurse Assessment and Care Coordination

Our Registered Nurses provide a personal assessment of each resident’s personal and medical needs. We work with your loved one, your family, their doctors and specialists to create a care plan that will promote health and happiness. We establish the outside partners needed to help provide the best care and coordinate these services as part of our service plan.

Enhanced Nursing Services

Our staff are more highly certified than traditional assisted living facilities, we have Certified Nursing Assistants and Licensed Practical Nurses in the building. This means we can provide not only the personal care you need, by the high level medical services and transferring needs as well. All in the privacy of your master suite!

Life at Cherrywood is truly sweet. The staff are always happy to help you and the food is wonderful!

The fact that Mom is one of only 10 residents on her side. There are two sides to the building and each are run separately. Mom gets specialized attention rather than being a number in a huge faciliry of 60+ residents. It is a new facility. Roomy and beautiful! Mom’s apt. is absolutely spacious with a great view from her window.

WOW! What a great concept for advanced care, so different from the standard nursing home. Cherrywood is small, beautifully constructed and residents are treated like individuals. The staff embodies quality and resolves the residents needs to fit the person. Each person has their own space, and the food tastes homemade. Respectful care for life and living.